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Experience a walking tour of The Historic Battery Park in Downtown New York City;Photo Opportunities with NYC,s Raging Bull monument; Visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE); and the monument of the Fearless Girl Visit the 9/11 Memorial Reflection Pools, the Survivor Tree & the Glade; Visit St Paul's Chapel an important 250-year-old landmark in NYC.; Visit the great Oculus relaxation space and shopping mall in the World Trade Center. In the skypod elevator and in the Observatory, Learn about the centuries of history of New York City, the lands owned by American Indian Nations and taken away by European invaders and settlers; construction of this 1,776-foot skyscraper, built on the grounds of the original World Trade Center; $15 Drink or Shop. Each OWO All-inclusive admission ticket is valid for $15 off at OWO cafe, bar, restaurant, or gift shop.Ride to the 102nd floor in the SkyPod in 47 seconds and watch the virtual city skyline transform across centuries of history

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